Tiffany Woelfel

  • Social Media Management

    Selecting the right type of page, planning postings in advance, optimal posting times, and setting appropriate security settings. Use analytics to inform future social media activity and selects content that supports brand/project/organization identity.
  • Data-collection Planning

    Instrument selection based on years of experience. Creation of staffing plan, hiring data collectors, customizing training curriculum, caseload management.
  • Project Repair

    Diagnoses obstacles to reaching goals, provides restructuring plan for recruitment, assists with revisions to staffing, offers booster training sessions, creates new timeline.
  • Recruitment / Retention Consulting

    Creates content for mailings, scripts, incentives, study newsletters, and comes up with new participant engagement tools.
  • Quality Control

    Develop quality control scripts, schedules, hire and train staff, create and provide quality control reports, auditing preparation and document control.
  • Locating / Tracking Consulting

    Helps with your database design, protocol and tracking system for contacting attempts, responds proactively to returned or failed mailing efforts, provides plan for validating addresses and phone numbers, and coaches staff on best practices.
  • Dissemination Assistance

    Collaborates on presentations in academia and conferences, publications, final reports, and workshops. Helps you best sell and publicize your hard work.

Tom Carpenter

  • Project Branding Consultant

    Creates a brand for your study to ensure a positive response from your target population
  • Participant Locating Specialist

    Creates plans and trains staff to locate hard-to-find participants in longitudinal projects
  • Applied Statistician

    Translates your research ideas into statistical hypotheses, including advanced mediation/moderation models
  • Design Specialist

    Helps you select an ideal experimental, longitudinal, or cross-sectional design for your project, weighing pros and cons of each
  • Power Analyst

    Scientifically determines ideal sample sizes, preventing waste of time and money
  • Educator

    Explains statistical concepts in everyday language so you can intimately understand your results and discuss them with confidence
  • Statistical Consultant

    Has expertise in structural equation modeling, multilevel (nested groups and data, longitudinal growth) modeling, advanced mediation and moderation analysis, psychometrics, advanced ANOVA and experimental designs, and exploratory data analysis
  • Psychological / Consumer Insights Consultant

    Consults on psychological questions related to consumer and participant behavior. Can assist with framing research questions and helping you identify the right questions to ask the best data to gather for your project to succeed